Welcome to Mosaic

You are welcome just as you are.

At our core, that is what we are all about at Mosaic. We welcome diversity. Your doubts, questions, quirks, gender, sexuality, etc, are welcomed. We are a church full of imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable.  Diversity

Whether you’re skeptical about attending church or have been in churches your entire life, Mosaic isn’t simply a place. Rather, it’s a group of people that you can connect with and ask questions, receive support, and grow in your understanding of who Jesus is. Whatever ideas, questions or beliefs you have about God, we have created a space for you in this community that will help you explore those ideas and beliefs in a welcoming, safe, and engaging environment.

You don’t need to be anywhere other than where you’re at today to join us. Come exactly as you are, and we’ll do the same.

Why Mosaic?

For us, a mosaic is a powerful image. In some way, we are all broken. We find brokenness not only in our lives, but also in our families, friends, co-workers and social systems. Together, we live in a broken world. In a mosaic, pieces once viewed as broken, useless and hopeless become something of awe-inspiring glory. In the same way, we believe that God, the Master Artist, can take a variety of broken things and re-purpose them to create vistas of stunning beauty. Mosaic is where brokenness becomes beautiful.

Mosaic is affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada through our membership in the Canadian Pacific District.